More About Techrep

Techrep was founded in 1975 by Michael Arvanetakis who had previously worked for a fluid power distributor and then a manufacturer of primary flow elements. His last position with a manufacturer made him responsible for sales, calculations, shop drawings, calibration analysis, and also input for the quality management system which was required for military and nuclear contracts. When founding Techrep he wondered why a sales agency or distributorship, as a critical component in the chain of distribution, shouldn’t also have a quality management program. Subsequently at the age of 22, and when the company consisted of only two employees, he generated one which to our knowledge was a first for a non-manufacturer and years before the ISO quality management standards existed, became popular and then necessary. Concurrently he also felt that a mission statement was in order and he generated the following which we feel still remains relevant today:

The last half of the twentieth century has seen the emergence of a multitude of new technologies. Techniques previously thought impossible are now accomplished with regularity. Old processes have vanished forever. Others headed for obsolescence have been upgraded and are competitive again.

It would be difficult to return to a world without modern pharmaceuticals or industrial materials. Likewise, advances in equipment have brought new levels of speed and precision to measurement, control and communication. These have helped man in his sustenance, his health and his aspirations.

Techrep was founded in 1975 as a supplier of flow measurement equipment to industry in the United States. Techrep International specializes in supplying engineered equipment, products and services to clients worldwide.

There are technologies emerging every day that offer new products and techniques. The best way to chart your course into the future is with access to all the present alternatives.

Our desire is to competitively offer you access to products of U.S. technology. Our promise is to respond with competence and efficiency.