Techrep International was founded in 1982 as a supplier of engineered materials, products and equipment. Some of our past activities include:

Czech Republic
Equipment to upgrade electrostatic precipitators and fluidized beds for lignite fueled electric generation facility. Acoustic silencers, ash handling equipment, automated high temperature knife gate valves, expansion joints, flow-temperature- level instrumentation.

Client: Meat Processing Facility
Leather processing equipment including tanning drums, motors, pumps, valves, pH controls, dryers, ironing/embossing equipment. Equipment to produce pharmaceutical grade gelatin, including initial testing and feasibility study. Grinding, mixing, filtering, sterilization, extrusion, packaging equipment.

Client: Manufacturer of Automotive Rubber and Plastic Components
FTIR spectroscopy, process simulating rheometer, static and dynamic properties testing for rubber and plastic components, CAD equipment for parts design.

Test, inspection, diagnostic, analytical and calibration equipment for mechanical, electrical and instrument workshops at a large LNG facility.

Meteorological hardware and hydrologic software for national integrated system to predict, calculate and manage watershed data for crop planning, water allocation and yield analysis.

Saudi Arabia
Wide range of controls and instrumentation for GOSPs, pipelines, storage facilities, refineries, petrochemical plants, electric generation facilities.

Natural gas fueled engines, reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, valves, cathodic protection, flow metering skids and provers, pig launching systems, gas/oil separation and treatment equipment, related analytical and control instrumentation.